Product principle:
The gas-fired heating unit is a clean indirect heating device. The fuel is burned in the furnace through the burner to generate high-temperature flue gas, and the heat of the high-temperature flue gas is transferred to the heated air by the hot-air stove with enhanced heat transfer. The temperature of the high-temperature flue gas is reduced after heat dissipation, and is discharged into the atmosphere by the induced draft fan. The air to be heated is fed through the strong wind of the blower When the set upper temperature is reached, the burner will automatically adjust the flame size in proportion; when the hot air temperature is lower than the set temperature, the burner will automatically adjust the flame size to meet the hot air temperature demand. It is a kind of heating equipment that provides clean hot air.
Industry application:
1. Food drying
2. Coating drying and heating
3. Textile printing and dyeing drying, coating drying and heating
4. Paper drying and heating
5. Grain drying and heating
6. Washing, drying and heating
7. Drying of latex products
Product advantages:
1. Indirect hot air heating, flue gas and heated gas do not directly contact, will not cause pollution, can meet the needs of many industries for clean hot air;
2. The exhaust temperature is low and the thermal efficiency can reach 95%
3. Small area, light weight, exquisite structure and convenient installation
4. Non standard customization, customized according to customer requirements and process requirements
Scope of application:
1. Hot air temperature: 50 ~ 600 ℃
2. Material of heat exchange components: 304, 316L, 310S, 430
3. Medium: clean air, process hot air
4. Fuel: natural gas, liquefied gas, light oil, all kinds of clean gas
5. Combustion engine: gas combustion engine
6. Control mode: switch control / proportional regulation control
7. Fuel used: natural gas / liquefied petroleum gas