Product introduction:
Immersed tube water tank heating burner system is to put the gas into the combustion chamber for combustion. The negative pressure generated by the fan makes the external air enter the combustion chamber and mix with natural gas. The controller ignites according to the demand, burns in the natural gas, and enters the heat exchange plate in the form of high temperature flue gas to heat the liquid. The tail gas of heat exchange coil is discharged by high temperature fan.
Product features
1. Low operating cost
2. Compact structure design, according to the tank structure design, flexible layout
3. The thermal efficiency is higher than 85%
4. Stainless steel heat exchange tube is used to realize clean heating
5. The heating power is from 45KW to 440kw, which can meet the different application requirements of customers
6. Automatic temperature control system and safety valve group system ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment
7. Fuel: natural gas / liquefied petroleum gas
Product specification:
Model, exchange tube size, maximum heat output
ADJ-DTTH50 40mm 45KW
ADJ-DTTH80 50mm 80KW
ADJ-DTTH100 60mm 100KW
ADJ-DTTH140 65 140KW
ADJ-DTTH220 75 220KW
ADJ-DTTH440 100 440KW
Industry application:
1. Product surface treatment (metal parts, iron bars, wire, etc.)
– various pretreatment processes include alkalization, salinization, hot water cleaning, etchant, electroplating, boronizing, etc
- water immersion
– spray
– hot water supply system
2. Cleaning
Cleaning (industrial cleaning machinery)
– bin / tray cleaning
– workpiece cleaning
3. Food and beverage processing
– hot water tank
– cleaning box
– depilation of livestock and poultry in slaughtering industry