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Adiga's experienced personnel provide comprehensive on-site service support to customers, which can greatly reduce downtime, lower operating costs, and improve production efficiency. And provide installation and debugging, technical support, operation instructions, technical training, equipment maintenance, maintenance, etc.
On site services
  • 1. Single on-site service: Provide maintenance services for sudden or long-term malfunctions of the owner's burner;
  • 2. Burner maintenance training service: Provide professional training on the principles and maintenance knowledge of the combustion system to the owner, answer questions and clarify doubts, and improve the owner's own maintenance level;
  • 3. Extended warranty service: Provide owners with extended warranty service for newly installed equipment, free of charge during the extended warranty period, and replacement parts will be charged separately;
  • 4. Annual Regular Maintenance Service: This maintenance service refers to the maintenance of the owner's equipment. We will dispatch service engineers to perform quarterly regular maintenance on the combustion system Inspect and adjust each component to eliminate potential equipment malfunctions and improve equipment efficiency.
Upgrade and renovation

The ADJ combustion components are sturdy and durable, with a long service life.

But it also requires regular maintenance. We provide refurbishment and upgrade services for large equipment. These include:

  • combustion control
  • burner
  • Premixer
  • Regulators, etc
Maintenance warranty

Adiga replacement parts are reasonably priced and available at any time.

The burner is the core part of heating equipment, involving knowledge of mechanical structure, gas control, electrical control, and other aspects. Daily maintenance and troubleshooting of the combustion system Obstacle handling requires operators to have high professional skills. Usually, the warranty period for newly installed combustion equipment systems is one year, and the actual use of combustion equipment The lifespan is directly related to the maintenance and upkeep of equipment. Professional maintenance can improve combustion efficiency, increase the service life of combustion equipment, and directly bring economic benefits to owners.

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