A variety of combustion technologies, customized combustion solutions.

    We are committed to providing efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly gas industrial heating system solutions for the global industrial heating field

    ADJ Advantages include:

    • Full range of industrial burners on the market
    • Non standard customized design provides you with thermal energy solutions
    • Product innovation can reduce operating costs and improve user productivity
    • Provide customized combustion system solutions for OEM and end users

    Contact ADJ sales engineer immediately: To discuss any of the following issues:

    • Full premixed surface burner, infrared burner, gas catalytic infrared heating
    • A variety of special burners, some of which are used for process air heating, industrial water tank heating Heating in industrial drying room
    • Combustion components such as safety valves, air / gas mixers, combustion regulators, controllers, blowers and safety devices
    • Customized integrated system solutions for special applications
    • After sales service support

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